10 Things I Hate About Google

10 Things I Hate About GoogleBefore I get too far into this let me set the record straight. I am a Google user. I use it for a LOT of stuff. It isn’t perfect however and here are 10 things Google does (or doesn’t do) that drives me nuts:

  1. Documentation. Forums are great, but the lack of real documentation for many services can make figuring out a new product difficult at best
  2. Apple integration. Gmail and Google Contacts need a better way to integrate with Mac Mail and address book. Right now the setup is so clunky it’s ridiculous
  3. Too many similar results on different searches. If I didn’t click on a link during the 1st search please don’t show me it again. There is a reason I did another search and it isn’t that the first query solved my problem
  4. No Google Profiles for Apps users. Not a deal breaker, but annoying all the same.
  5. Integration with other services such as websites not all that easy (see point #1)
  6. Support, what support? Ever try to get someone on the phone when troubleshooting Adsense or Adwords? Yeah, good luck with that.
  7. Gmail Workflow – it’s great for 90% of what I do, but the threading can really throw off your workflow when you’re trying to review old emails.
  8. Android Vendors – After Android I would never go to iPhone, but I do wish that when a new version of Android is out everyone would get it and quickly
  9. Android Bookmark Sync – if you make the browsers (Chrome and Android Web Browser) shouldn’t you be able to sync bookmarks between them?
  10. Google Users – I spend so much of my time these days teaching people how to use Google products. I wish there were better tutorials for this.