Another Way To Game Klout

Empire Avenue missions can be used to game your Klout scoreAnyone who has been around social media for a little while can tell you that Klout is a game and, like most games, is susceptible to being gamed itself. While Klout claims to be a reliable measure of a person’s or brand’s influence over social media on a given topic the fact is that it really isn’t all that reliable.

If you are serious about your Klout score here is an easy way you can game it:

Head on over to Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is a service that attempts to put an artificial valuation on your social media reputation called and Eave which can then be used to trade for shares in other users, to purchase upgrades to your profile, or, and this is important, to provide missions.

You see, in an Empire Avenue mission you can get Eaves for doing things such as liking a Facebook status, re-tweeting or following a Twitter user or giving +K to a Klout user. Remember that Klout user’s are considered influential in a topic based on the number of +Ks they receive in that topic. Considering it really doesn’t take all that many in most topics Empire Avenue can be a very easy and effective way to boost your Klout and game the system without much effort at all.