Moving Sites and Managing Domains – WordCamp Austin 2013

WordCamp Austin 2013For the second year in a row I had the incredible opportunity to speak at WordCamp Austin this weekend. This year, instead of security, my talk focused on a different issue for many in the WordPress community: how to move your site to a different host or change your domain name. The hour-long session included tools, tips, checklists, and things to things to watch out for such as making sure you always have a good backup and changing the caching time (TTL) on a DNS record. Below are my slides from my presentation as well as a list of links to the tools and other items featured in the presentation.

Links from the presentation (in the order in which I used them in my slides):

  1. Backup Buddy – A premium WordPress plugin that not only backs up your site but also has a “Magic Migration” feature that makes it easy to move your site from one host to another.
  2. InfiniteWP – A WordPress management console with a premium add-on that will move sites for you. This software also makes managing an unlimited number of WordPress sites very easy by moving the important tasks for all of your sites to a single application
  3. Navicat – A database management software for Windows and Mac that makes it possible to simply drag your database from one server to another in the same way you would drag files to your thumb drive on your computer.
  4. Forklift – A very fast file management software (even faster than Transmit in my testing) that makes moving your WordPress files from one server to another a painless experience.
  5. Network-Tools IP address lookup – Looks up the IP address of a given hostname. Can be handy when moving a site or domain.
  6. Search Replace DB – This small PHP script will replace every instance of your old domain name in your database with your new domain name. I’ve used it for over a year or so and I’ve never seen it fail. Best of all – it’s free!
  7. WP Maintenance Mode – This plugin puts your site in maintenance mode so it won’t seem accidentally broken to your users when your changing something big.
  8. What Is My IP Address – This site will tell you the public IP address of the computer (or mobile device) you’re using.

9 Replies to “Moving Sites and Managing Domains – WordCamp Austin 2013”

  1. Hi Chris! I love your site (not sucking up…really!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Moving and managing sites are a hot topic with my clients and community members. The referenced links are impressive and I’m thrilled to say that I use the majority of them. I have not used InifiniteWP, but do use CMS Commander. Are you familiar with CMS Commander? And if so, how would you compare it with InfiniteWP?

    I’m always looking to offer competitive and/or better solutions to my clients, so your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so very much!

    1. Thanks Kelli!

      I haven’t used CMS Commander but on first glance it looks similar to InfiniteWP with the addition of Drupal and Joomla. The real reason I picked infiniteWP is there are no monthly fees. I just pay once for the addons I want and I’m done. I’ll take a look at the other though as I do have some Drupal sites floating around that might benefit.

      1. Thanks, Chris, for the reply. I do like the InfiniteWP is a one-time charge and will need to look into that further. Check to see if they have an affiliate program and then provide that link, just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Thanks again!

        1. Thanks Kelli! After looking I don’t think InfiniteWP does have an affiliate link (if they do they hide it really well).

          For the record I’m also looking closely at CMS Commander for Drupal sites. Fortunately for me that will be more of an agency purchase than a monthly bill I’ll have to deal with myself.

        2. Fantastic! I really like CMS Commander and the customer is spectacular. Thomas, the developer, has been a tremendous help and always answers my questions on a timely manner. My Tech Team manages quite a few client sites and have been happy with the service. And, no, I’m not on their sales force. LOL!

        3. Hi Kelli,

          Just wanted to let you know that while I didn’t sign up for CMS Commander for my own client I did recommend it to a few others who say it’s probably the greatest thing since sliced bread. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Per your recommendation, I installed InfiniteWP and it works great. Of course, I went with all add-ons too!

    Makes it super easy to manage sites on my own server and not having to go through the middle man.