Announcing Better YOURLS


I’m happy to announce that after running on this site for almost 2 months I’ve released the Better YOURLS WordPress plugin.

This little plugin makes use of the YOURLS custom URL shortener to generate short links for content in your WordPress site. Where there are other plugins that do this, Better YOURLS does one more thing… It integrates with Jetpack sharing to make sure your short link shows up everywhere it needs to be.

Setup is easy, just install it like normal, add your short domain and add the “Secret Token” from the YOURLS tools page. That’s it. The plugin takes care of the rest.

If you use Jetpack and YOURLS download Better YOURLS today.

2 Replies to “Announcing Better YOURLS”

  1. Hi Chris, I’m a little confused on the implementation of yourls. Do I install and configure that software and then install your plugin to integrate it with WordPress? I use Jetpack shortlinks but have bought my own domain so having configured everything would my short url simply replace the url? Also, is it possible from within wordpress to specify what the URL is rather than relying on the URL generated by WordPress – e.g. Rather than it could be sho.rt/mychoice – many thanks. Apologies for so many questions.

  2. Hi Chris, I tried to add a comment via iPad but it didn’t take (unless it’s in a spam queue – not sure). I have WordPress and have purchased a short domain name. I can install yourls via Softaculous from within cPanel (presumably in a new directory separate from WordPress which is in base directory). Having done that and configured it I’m guessing I then install your plugin to integrate it with WordPress? My question really is can I then create short URLs within the WordPress dashboard so instead of being auto-created I would create sho.rt/mystring? I use ‘wp_get_shortlink()’ to display the shortlink in my theme – would this then display my bespoke short url instead? Many thanks. I’m just wondering how integrated it is or whether to go with the less bespoke bitly integration.