Creating a Dev Environment – The Austin WordPress Meetup

Last night I had the opportunity to present on creating a local development environment for the Austin WordPress Meetup. The talk focused primarily on tools new developers can use to get started working from their own machine such as MAMP, Coda and others. Check out the slides below for a full list of tools as well as other points we covered.

2 Replies to “Creating a Dev Environment – The Austin WordPress Meetup”

  1. Chris, which version of navicat do you use… you mentioned $400 but there is a Navicate for MySQL standard or Enterprise for $130ish even a navicat essentials for MySQL for $20 Woohoo… moving sites is the bain of my existence, dropping tables, replacing, updating… this particular part of your talk motivated me to spend $400 faster than the last Apple product dog and pony show.

    1. Hi Bobby,

      Looks like they’ve come down a LOT on the price since I last talked about them. I have the $159 Mac App Store version (last time I checked the price it was about $400)