Better YOURLS 2.1.0

Better YOURLS 2.1.0

Better YOURLS is a project I started in 2014 to help me integrate my YOURLS installation with my WordPress site. The idea was to be as simple as possible while, at the same time, to still work with Jetpack (a plugin I’ve come to rely on heavily for my own site).

The 1.0 version worked OK but was written rather quickly and the code itself was both a bit aged as well as a little to simple to work with this site in its current incarnation. To solve these problems I started with refactoring the code base about a month ago to make better use of the WordPress Code Standards as well as to simply be cleaner and more easily extendable in the future.

Today I took this a step further by releasing version 2.1.0 which makes use of the updated code base to provide a number of new features and enhancements.

First, the plugin is now more secure by allowing connection to https implementations of the YOURLS API (even with a self-signed certificate if you’re so inclined). This will prevent any traffic snooping and other issues that can compromise your YOURLS installation.

Second, I’ve given users more control over the creation of short URLs by adding more developer hooks (better documentation coming soon but you can find them pretty easily in the code) as well the ability to easily exclude various post types via the WordPress Dashboard. Don’t want a short URL for your pages or your custom post type? No problem. Simply go to the Better YOURLS settings and check the boxes next to the post types for which you don’t want a URL.

Finally, I’ve made the creation of the short URLs themselves much more reliable by cleaning up the calls that create them and moving to a more reliable way of creating them that better takes the post title into account.

If you use YOURLS give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed. And while you do don’t forget to thank the Better YOURLS contributors who helped me make this latest release the best one yet!