Better YOURLs 2.1.1

Better YOURLs 2.1.3

I’ve released a quick update today to the Better YOURLs WordPress plugin to allow it to work better with sharing plugins that share your post when the article is published. This new update simply generates the shortlink earlier to make sure it is available when, for example, JetPack sharing sends out a tweet or share to another sharing service.

This is a free update that is recommended for all users of the Better YOURLs plugin. If you’re not a YOURLs user yet and would like branded shortlinks that you can fully control I would highly recommend checking out YOURLs, a free PHP shortlink manager that can work with WordPress and other services to help you better track and brand the links you send out.

8 Replies to “Better YOURLs 2.1.1”

    1. The link should be available on any content. As for the translation, I would gladly give credit for it. You can find a translation file in the lang folder within the plugin.

  1. You could use <a href="">wp_get_shortlink</a> function in your single.php template.