Primary Vagrant 4.0

Primary Vagrant 4.0

After nearly 9 months and a lot of hours and frustration I’ve finally released Primary Vagrant 4.0, the latest iteration of my Vagrant configuration for WordPress development. It contains a LOT of changes…

  1. It now runs PHP 7.1
  2. It now has a site generator to make creation and management of sites easier
  3. Landrush is now used to provide a more dynamic domain experience without the need of editing your hosts file
  4. Much of the structure has been cleaned up and optimized for easier editing and, hopefully, to spend less time managing your configuration and more developing your work.
  5. A brand new wiki to actually start explaining how to use it.
  6. Numerous bug fixes, improvements and more

Frankly, there are so many changes over the last few months that it really is a whole new project with the only downside being you’ll need to destroy any existing environment before upgrading.

The future of Primary Vagrant

Now that 4.0 is complete I can say that I’m mostly happy with the feature set however that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes in the future. For example, up to this point Primary Vagrant has relied on Puppet 3.x for configuration however newer versions of Ubuntu after 16.04 have upgraded to Puppet 4.0 by default as have some of the modules Primary Vagrant relies on. Puppet 3 code will not easily run on Puppet 4. This leaves me with the need to either find new modules for much of the functionality, rewrite the modules for Puppet 4 or move to another provisioning solution. Frankly I don’t know how I want to approach this yet but it does mean that 5.0, when it comes out, will make some major changes as well.

I still need your help

If you use Primary Vagrant please consider helping out with the code or the wiki. As the project grows in complexity I can use all the help I can get in making it even better.