Slides From WordCamp Miami 2019

WordCamp Miami 2019

WordCamp Miami has become something of an annual tradition for Joy and I. 2019 is my 8th WordCamp Miami and the 6th where I’ve been honored to present. This year I’ll be on stage three times with a workshop on local development and both a session and a panel on privacy and security. You can find my slides for both of my solo talks below.

Tools And Techniques For Productive Local Development With WordPress

This workshop will take a deep-dive into local environments for WordPress development including editors, server tools, debugging and more with a focus on productivity and best practices. Tools presented will be done so on Linux and Mac but should be usable on Windows as well.

How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Site For You And Your Users

By now we’ve all heard of how important privacy is on the web. As site owners we have the responsibility of protecting both our own privacy and the privacy of our users. This talk will cover basic technologies to improve the privacy of your WordPress site as well as how to address topics of privacy above and beyond the security protections you’re already implementing.